GLPI’s principles bring extensive experience, education, and
background to the table:

Experience Former Executives:

GLPI’s Principles are former Corporate Chief Scientist, Political Advisors, Vice Presidents of Marketing & Product Divisions, Chief Strategic & Technical advisors… who have felt the pressures and know how to be successful in that environment. Their experience spans Management – Strategy – Technical – Product – R&D – Marketing – Sales arenas of the Aerospace, Computers, and Communications industries. They are seasoned veterans – insiders familiar with the realities of getting things done in today’s political, financial, and organizational climate, leveraging a combined 60+ years experience working with: AT&T, Boeing, DoD, GTE, ITT, Motorola, US West, Rockwell, SBC, Texaco.


To US Senators, Governors, FCC, National Academy of Science, Department of Commerce, Congressional Office of Technology Assessment, Bishops, and numerous Fortune 100 Executives. Have hosted numerous roundtables for participants, from: U S West, GTE, ATT, Bell Labs, Siemens, Rockwell, Fujitsu, NEC, IBM, Bellcore, ABC, NCR, DEC, Control Data, Ameritech, ITT, Hughes, Army, CIA, Dept. of Defense, Dept. of Commerce...

GLPI's staff have provided advise, workshops, seminars, consulting, & courses for leaders from:

Noted Authors:

Of 10 books and numerous articles on: Leadership, Innovation, Planning, Management, and Advanced Information Network possibilities and Market opportunities… ChangeMakers: Secrets & Strategies, ChangePlanners: Secrets & Strategies, ChangeLeaders: Secrets & Strategies, Management Planning: Networks, Products, & Services, ISDN in the Information Marketplace, Telecommunications Information Millennium, Competitive Telecommunications, Future Telecommunications, Global Telecommunications, Information Telecommunications.

Experienced Speakers/Panelists/Presenters:

At major industry conferences, both in the US and Europe.


Frequent guest lecturer in professional development and executive roundtable sessions at: MIT, George Washington Unv., Unv. of Wisconsin, Unv. of Minnesota, Duke Unv., … on management, planning, strategy, and information age technical and marketing opportunities and solutions.

Innovation Leadership Expertise:
Have written, lectured, and worked in the areas of:

Power Leadership
Innovation Leadership
Strategy – Tactics alignment
Decision-making Leadership
Product Lifecycle & Optimization
Program/Product/Project management
Advanced Computers & Communications
Innovation Marketing Strategy & Development
Product Development: concept to implementation
Prioritization & Resource allocation optimization
Management Innovation, Planning, & Creativity Processes
Innovation Organization & Team Structure & Process management
Creative approaches to all aspects of product development from
concept id through unique approaches to development & implementation…

Written, lectured, and worked in the areas of: