ChangeMakers: Innovation Leadership Model

Consists of a thorough analysis of leadership and change: coalescing all aspects together to identify the full range of ChangeMakers: Who they are! and What they do! Answering: What is a ChangeMaker? Leaders of Change: Who they are? What they do? Why they do it? What are styles, types, personalities, & abilities of positive leadership? What is Power? How can it be obtained? Grown? Maintained? What are the risks, rewards, & results of innovation & change? What is the role of Leadership, Change, & Innovation? What are the ten ChangeMakers - both positive & negative? What is a ChangeMaster?

This provides a comprehensive assessment of leadership, offering two reference models by which an individual can better understand how peers, superiors, and themselves act and react to opportunities, challenges, innovation, and change. It identifies the key aspects in the “make up” of true leadership. It supplies:

A Personal Assessment tool enabling a self examination of one’s inner motives and drives to determine one’s leadership makeup – classifying these capabilities based on CLASS levels of a new true leadership model. Here the leadership classifications can clearly categorization those who lead, follow, or watch in terms of their ability to achieve positive or negative innovation and change. This facilitates a better understanding of self and a revealing comparison to others. This assists in identifying one’s willingness and ability to achieve change and be a leader of innovation in this new complex and competitive information arena.

A Team Assessment tool In this one gains and appreciation of not only their own personal leadership traits and role, but others with whom they deal. This provides an examination and evaluation of current and past ChangeMakers and ChangeMasters – both good and bad. Here the builders as well as the destroyers are evaluated along with history’s good and evil leaders. The reader will learn to unmask each kind, using a new powerful “C” reference model that enables easy identification of the real leaders from the charlatans. Here too, the reader receives the essential tools for obtaining and maintaining power and leadership.

ChangePlanners: Innovation Planning Process

Denotes how to achieve innovative change successfully by identifying a proven, universally applicable, top down innovation planning approach to: strategic, conceptual, requirement definition, product definition, and program/project planning. It provides leaders the tools and a recommended organizational structures as well as roles to play, that enables them to reduce risk and become effective innovators.

This provides a crisp, clear, concise assessment of a “Top Down” innovation planning model – proven successful by leading edge aerospace, computer, military, and telecommunications firms to be an effective tool for reducing risk, increasing success of new products in the marketplace, lowering lifecycle costs, reducing repair/maintenance costs, insuring faster cycle times from concept to market, and improving quality – while improving flexibility and greater responsiveness to a drastically changing marketplace that involves complex financial considerations, dependent upon: new environmental factors, technical possibilities, and market requirements.

Here, the lost skill set of – innovation – strategic/tactical planning – product development – complex program management – is restored, enabling the new leaders of innovation… the ChangeMakers… to transform vision into action – fostering creativity and the movement of ideas to successful completion. In so doing it provides for specific checkpoints that enable proper decision making as well as proposes an organizational structure that facilitates the orchestrating of multiple programs and projects utilizing the varied talents of many disciplines across an organization to successfully deliver products and services… economically, efficiently, effectively for the exciting, challenging new information marketplace. This becomes an extremely powerful vehicle for managing risk and insuring success.

It ties strategies to tactics and operations – closing the great gap that have hindered effective execution of upper-management’s near and long term goals and strategies while removing the development and operations organizations from the endless cycle of crash projects, fire drills, and reactive – “get it done yesterday” initiatives that no one could be proud of at completion.

Here, a series of separate stand alone products come together to form an end-to-end solution for today’s demanding competitive arena: The missing Front-End process – Requirements Definition and Qualification process – New Innovation Organization structure – Conceptual Innovation Planning process – that are tied directly to real time implementation steps so planning is brought down from the clouds to the real world. This could be re named “The Effective Planning Model.”

ChangeLeaders: Information Society: Infrastructure, Applications, Opportunities

The Information Society is not just for computer & communications firms – it impacts every sector of industry, government, and military. ChangeLeaders denotes where and when to apply the ChangeMaker model in the information marketplace by assessing the phases of evolving market needs and opportunities in concert with the periods of technical possibilities in the emerging Global Information Society.

This enables a clear understanding of the new Information Age that we are entering, and can be used to develop a personalized vision and strategy for success in this new age, based on an assessment of the alternatives and financial opportunities in each phase and period along the way. Thus, the leader is provided a thorough understanding of why change, lead, plan! Here, is provided the keys to success and to failure.

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