At the dawning of each new age – the Industrial Age, Space Age, & Computer Age... – there have been leaders of character and innovation, who pursued change. Seeking more than to simply enrich themselves, they set lofty goals to achieve something of lasting value for society. At this portal to the new millennium – the 21st century, we are embarking on a new age – the Information Age with its own unique set of changing issues in a growing competitive marketplace.


Each new age brings with its change great new opportunities – whether wanted or not! For years, leaders have struggled to overcome challenges of: risk, complexity, & cost when pursuing significant new innovative opportunities. Their resource-limited organizations strain to adequately: identify, qualify, and prioritize increasingly complex new opportunities. Here, leaders are challenged to transform traditional organizations into firms more agile & receptive to change in the 21st century.


This new century with its vast technical advancement and market opportunity will require ever-expanding creativity and innovation to harness and direct this extensive change to productive uses. Here, visionary leaders, willing to become leaders of change, must possess the right management tools and leadership model to better achieve positive change through innovation – fostering creativity and move ideas to successful completion. To thrive, they must master new innovation marketing and technology assessment tools to fully understand new technical possibilities, market opportunities, and financial dynamics.

To address this need & opportunity a new leadership ChangeMakers model has been developed for those visionary leaders with integrity and moral character who strive to grow by building and innovating for a better society.


The Georgetown Leadership Planning Institute is a Washington DC based think-tank, focused on achieving two primary goals:

First - to promote ChangeMakers® Leadership - a new leadership model, fostering ethical leaders, who strive to become builder-leaders embracing innovation, to drive change and pursue advancements of lasting value for the betterment of self, family, firm, and society. In this, the model sets a new role and standard for leadership that reestablishes “traditional American Character, Values, and Innovation” at all levels.

Second - to assist those leaders of change to become more effective, through Innovation - providing a PLATFORM of practical management approaches and leadership development tools to successfully cultivate creativity and move concepts to completion. In this the Institute uniquely brings both the theory and practical solutions to achieve positive growth - delivering: the MODEL, the PLATFORM, & the PROGRAM to prepare individuals to develop their larger personal vision and goals and link their ethics & values with their daily actions; becoming CHANGEMAKERS!


ONE- ChangeMakers Model-Clarifies: "What is and is not…Who are and are not…"
Explores the key aspects and facets in the Personal Leadership 'MAKE_UP' of being a true 'Leader of Change' as defined within a multilevel hierarchy of unique 'Classes of ChangeMakers'!
TWO- ChangePlanners Model-Identifies: "How to be very successful ChangeMakers, functioning as 'Leaders of Change." …Utilizing fifteen supportive methods and tools that foster innovative creativity. Here, new ideas are captured, translated into feasible concepts, and then moved to successful completion, tying tactics to strategic plans.
THREE- ChangeLeaders Model-Denotes: "Where and When to apply ChangeMaker leadership." Presents a penetratingly realistic view of the forthcoming phases of market opportunities over the next twenty years across eighteen major industries. These are segmented into five fouryear periods - fueled by the next four waves of technological advancement in the integration of-computers and communications (C&C) … forming the globally interconnected Information Society!


  • To change the course of leadership today, by fostering a new ChangeMakers Leadership Model, for principled leaders who become effective Builder–Leaders, pursuing the great opportunities of the Information Age. Seeking more than simply enriching themselves, these ChangeMakers set and achieve far reaching goals to create large, significant solutions of lasting value for society.
  • To assist current and future leaders – be they in multinationals or small businesses, in government or churches, or in homes – in becoming effective ChangeMakers, bringing concept to reality, and providing both the direction and the practical tools to effectively apply them.
  • To assist these leaders in forming organizations that embody the ChangeMaker Leadership principles and employ the Innovation Process tools – building a healthy, ethical, successful work environment that achieves sustainable growth by harnessing innovation and driving change.
  • To champion globally: Innovation Leadership, Innovation Planning, Innovation Builders, Effective Positive Innovation Builders - being leaders of change - ChangeMakers!
  • To provide an overarching program to move prospective leaders of change through a multi-phase, multi-step process that promotes and supports personal leadership performance at ones highest level of excellence.


Setting a new leadership model for the new millennium!


GLPI has recently completed an extensive four-year assessment of Innovation, Leadership, and Change, spanning past centuries. This is the basis for the six new book series – ChangeMakers: Secrets & Strategies. This intense work has yielded a powerful new model for achieving sustained innovative growth. Here comprehensive innovation leadership, management operations, marketing, and applications solutions have been developed to assist leaders to successfully pursue innovation opportunities by transforming their organization and leadership teams into innovative ChangeMakers.

The model is a comprehensive approach providing a family of tools: spanning leadership and organizational roles, strategy development and implementation, throughout life-cycle management. This practical, multifaceted, end-to-end approach’s key to success lies in the way it engages leadership and their organization in the innovation and product development process.

GLPI is launching a new four-year program to offer this new ChangeMakers Leadership model, and its family of 15 proven innovation tools and processes covering, all key aspects for achieving innovation:

  • Leadership Model for Innovation & Change
  • Management Planning & Product Development Processes
  • Innovation Marketing & Technology Tools
  • Information Age Application Opportunities & Technology Solutions

The ChangeMakers Model is based upon:

  • 4-year in-depth Assessment of the world’s more significant empire builders – past & present, good & evil: evaluating all aspects of leadership, resulting in six book series: ChangeMakers Secrets & Strategies.
  • 100-year Practical Experience – based upon the cumulative knowledge of executives participating on the leading edge at major Fortune 100 firms within the aerospace, computer, information, and electronics industries.
  • 60-years Proven & Refined Cold War Secrets, adapted from techniques developed by the aerospace industry during the cold war to improve innovation effectiveness: accelerating concept to market, achieving double-digit improvement in life-cycle cost and market success, tying R&D to market applications and achieving solid strategic planning amidst fluid and changing competitive market, financial, and political/regulatory pressures.

To deliver the model, GLPI offers a Program of Workshops to Present – and ongoing Roundtable series to Reinforce and Refresh leaders as they become more and more effective ChangeMakers! This approach has been carefully tailored to achieve results - gaining early success, which in turn support future innovation and growth!

Proven History

Proven Approach Selected by Fortune 100 firm over all others:

On October 4, 1957 the USSR launched Sputnik, catapulting the US into a race for dominance in aerospace. Driven by this critical need (& opportunity) leading aerospace firms identified the missing keys to innovation planning and development, specifically for:

  • Proving their innovation effectiveness
  • Accelerating the movement of concepts to market
  • Achieving double-digit improvement in life-cycle cost and market success
  • Providing sustained operational rigor for long-term, verifiable success

Drawn from Cold War Secrets of Aerospace – US Military innovation, these methods and processes have been tested and refined by leading firms including: Boeing, Rockwell, AT&T, GTE, SBC, US WEST, ITT, over the past 60 years. They were tested and chosen by Stanford Research Institute over other popular approaches in a private study for a multinational corporation with over 350 units. The ChangeMakers model is a proven approach to strategic management. It offers a 10-30% improvement in bottom-line contribution, life-cycle costs, and new product market success.

The ChangeMakers Model has been adapted for use in small entrepreneurial firms, large multinational – multi-organizational firms including the US Department of Defense and has been proven particularly effective where new business/technical opportunities and competitive threats collide with near-term financial demands and dynamic political/ regulatory pressures.

The ChangeMakers Model’s approach provides leaders an alternative for profitable expansion, assisting firms to achieve sustainable growth through effective innovation. Here both the model and the tools are provided, using proven methods & processes, to pursue new innovative opportunities & develop new product and technical solutions. This is a comprehensive approach spanning from leadership & organizational roles, strategy development and implementation, to life-cycle management.


The ChangeMakers Model’s key lies in its multifaceted end-to-end approach - uniquely providing a total solution including:

  • Innovation Leadership Solution - which engages leadership and their organization in the innovation and product development process.
  • Innovation Leadership Solution - which engages leadership and their organization in the innovation and product development process.
    • 5 Keys to Innovation: Leadership, Strategy Coordination & Change Management, Operational Rigor & Lost Innovation Skills, Financial Management, Cross Organizational Planning & Coordination.
    • 5 Challenges to Innovation - Creativity, Time, Cost, Risk, Complexity.
  • Innovation Marketing/Technology solution - which bridges the gap between technical possibilities and market opportunities.

The ChangeMakers Model’s phased approach:

  • Identifies and qualifies solutions early, giving decision-makers three looks before major commitment.
  • Increases investment as risk and uncertainty decline - meeting the demands of financial targets, executive strategies, and the realities of development & operations.
  • Solves the missing Front-end Process problems - linking high level financial goals, Wall Street commitments, & executive visions/strategies to the realities of product development & operations; thereby offering a new MARKET-TECH Solution, that bridges the gap between marketing and technology – resolving the interdependencies between the market opportunities and technology possibilities.

This unique approach infuses all levels of the organization with a new model for leadership that brings diverse parties, with different skills, together effectively. This ChangeMakers Leadership Model fosters a new role and type of leadership, enabling innovation to become a living, ongoing activity integrated among all levels and major functions of the organization from Strategic Planning to technical operations.

This brings theories and practice together – providing not only the strategies but the practical tools to achieve them - applying a top down innovation planning & implementation process – proven effective in the complex and competitive aerospace and computer industries – to reduce risk, lower cost, improve market accuracy, and expedite the movement of ideas from concept to marketable product/service reality.