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Georgetown Leadership Planning Institute is dedicated to promoting ChangeMaker Leadership - ethical leadership that fosters creative innovation to achieve positive change for the betterment of society.


Bridging the Strategic - to the Tactical - to the Practical

ChangeMakers solution

Leadership - Management - Mark-Tech Development

Sustained Innovation

…Secrets & Strategies of America’s top Aerospace, Computer, Communications, Energy, & Electronics firms - spanning 100 years of
innovative success -
brought together for the first time in one cohesive solution:
The ChangeMakers Model!

ChangeMakers Program

ChangeMakers Leadership Program
Leadership Assessment/Analysis/Placement

ChangeMakers Management Program
Methods, Tools, & Practices

ChangeMaker Leadership Application Program
Market - Technology Development
2020 Vision of Future

ChangeMaker Secrets & Strategies Program
Playing the Game for Success Today!

Development Forums

Executive ChangeMaker Leadership Workshop

Ethical Leadership Workshop

Innovation & Change Management Workshop

Life after Sarbains - Oxley Workshop

Innovation Outsourcing & Management Workshop

Creativity, Conceptual Thinking, & Practical Innovation Workshop

True Strategic Planning Workshop

R&D Technology Transfer Workshop

Quality Workshop

Power & Decision-making Workshop

Sales & Marketing Workshop

Future ChangeMakers
Development Events

College Prep ChangeMaker Workshop
Leadership Assessment & Decision-making skills for College bound Jrs/Sr.s

Women ChangeMakers Workshop
Identifying your potential and playing a larger role

Rural America ChangeMakers Workshop
Leadership Development for Future Rural Leaders!

Christian ChangeMakers Workshop
Secrets & Strategies for Success Today!